20 Outside The Box Ways to Use WD-40

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1. WD for the W.C.

Use WD-40 to cut through ugly stains and buildup inside the toilet bowl.  Spray it on, wait just a few moments, and give it a good scrub with the toilet bowl brush.  Learn more from Yakidee.

2. A Saint On Paint

WD-40 is a saint on car paint.  Using just a dry cloth, WD can cover up and smooth over small paint nicks and scrapes.  If you love your car like I do mine, this is something to honk for joy about!

3. Heal & Seal

Remove pesky stains from stainless steel appliances by rubbing them down with WD-40.  You can also use the product to seal appliances from getting fingerprint smudges.  More info here.

4. Drill the Grill

Drill the grill with WD-40 to scrape off all that grease and residue.  Make sure to rinse off all the WD-40 before grilling again to ensure you don’t ingest any of the spray.  Instead of BBQ, you’d have BB-EWW!

5. GOOd To Go

Spray WD-40 on residue left behind by stickers and labels.  Instead of having goo, you’ll just be GOO-d to go! Tutorial Geek gives more info here.

6. Fling the Rings

Fling out those coffee or tea rings from tables or counters.  Spray on the WD-40 and then wipe it down with a sponge or rag.  Suggestion from Miss Information Blog.

7. Cut Out the Stick

Take a cut out of the stick to your old scissors.  Spray a few drops of WD-40 on the hinge of your scissors and they’ll be cutting nice and smooth again.

8. Bug-Be-Gone

If you’ve ever driven your car on a road trip, you’ll know that car grills are bug magnets.  And man do they stick!  Say goodbye with ease to those disgusting splats with just a little rub down using a rag and some WD-40.

9. Rain, Rain, Go Away

Create a weather seal on your car windows that keeps rain and snow from sticking.  Rub your windows down with a protective coat of WD-40 using a dry rag.

10. Chew This

Chew on this.  You can remove gum from shoes, clothes, and fabrics with the help of a little WD-40.  Nothing sticky about this trick!

11. High and Dry

Keep your feet high and dry in the winter by waterproofing your boots.  Spray on a layer of WD-40 and let it rest to keep the dry in and the water out.  Read more from Hurley Marine.

12. Shine On

Get rid of scuffs and stains on shoes.  Use WD-40 as a shoe polish and let your shoes shine on!  Read more information from Stretcher.

13. You Make Me Melt

For those of you who live through snowy winters, you know the joys of shoveling the driveway and sidewalk.  Make the job a little easier (especially on your back) by spraying some WD-40 on the tip of your shovel.  This coating will prevent snow from sticking onto your shovel.

14. Grease Lightning

Use WD-40 with a sponge or rag to wipe away grease spots on the stove.  Try it for cleaning the inside of your oven as well.

15. A Silver Lining

Polish your precious silver coins and jewelry with a dry rag and a spray of WD-40.  It also helps to prevent tarnishing.  That really is a silver lining!

16. Knock the Tar Out Of It!

I almost get more depressed to see tar stains on my car than minor dings.  Knock the tar out of tar stains on your car with some WD-40.

17. Music to My Ears

Clean and lubricate string instruments.  To hit all the right notes, just rub a little of the product on the strings with a cloth or rag.  Strum over to Buzzfeed to see the suggestion.

18. Put A Zip On It

Use a few drops of WD-40 on stubborn zippers to loosen things up.  You’ll be zipping along again before you know it.

19. H2-No!

Say no to water stains with this simple trick.  Use a sponge to wipe away water stains on appliances and faucets with just a little WD-40.

20. Good Pot Luck

Spray some WD-40 on terracotta pots to keep them from oxidizing. This good pot luck will make your flowers the center of attention again.  Idea from Buzzfeed.

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