DIY Outdoor Games for Everyone

It’s the middle of July and your kids are bound to be getting a little restless…or at least mine are! I’m always looking for easy ways to entertain my kids so I can get chores and things done and there’s no better way to entertain them with a few fun DIY outdoor games. These outdoor games are perfect for kids (or adults) of any age and everyone is sure to have a blast!

Plus, you’ll find most of what you need for these outdoor games somewhere in your home!

1. I gave my kiddos and their friends halved pieces of poster board and challenged them to create a giant matching game to play out on the lawn. The illustrations were interesting (and most of them did NOT match) but it was a game that kept them entertained for hours.

2. We’ve gotten to the point in the summer where you could cook an egg on the sidewalk. Cool off with a water activity that’s just like a water balloon fight, but a lot easier to clean up. To make your own, tie pieces of cut up sponges together and separate and fluff for a reusable water “balloon.”

3. Cut various holes of different sizes into a large blue tarp for a quick target. Outline the holes with colorful masking or duct tape for easy target-practice visibility! You could even assign each “target” a point value–first one to 100 wins!

4. Don’t forget about a classic outdoor game: the ring toss! DIYers can make their own by painting soda or beer bottles. I’ve found that large shower curtain rings work well as the “rings” of the game.

5. Make a giant scrabble board out of cardboard and masking tape (for the letters). Play on the lawn for hours of educational summer fun. The winner gets a popsicle!

6. If you have older kids, give them the opportunity to stuff their own pinatas! You can give them a box and have them make one from scratch, or you can purchase one on Amazon. Candy is not typically included in an online kit, so you’ll have to purchase some separately. Or, you could just fill the pinata with pencils, erasers and other school supplies. 😉

7. Send your kids out to collect pebbles in various shapes and sizes. Provide them with black and white paint and help them create their own domino set. Minus the cost of the paint, this project is practically free and it’s sure to be the hit of your next party!

8. Make your own cornhole board with this incredible post from How to Build It. Use scrap wood for the actual corn hole and customize it with a crazy paint job. It really is that easy!

9. Dying to get rid of your scrap wood pile? This is just the project! Cut each piece down to 10 1/2 inches (you should have 40ish pieces total), and paint each piece. You now have a giant outdoor Jenga board. You’re welcome!

10. With the right kind of materials, it’s possible to play a game of Twister just about anywhere. You can use spray paint for an on-grass mat (you may end up with dead circles, though).

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